Guten Morgen Deutschland!

I am trying to explain to the kids that even though we land in Germany at 6AM, in Vancouver it will be 8PM the night before –  bedtime.  It’s a bit  too weird for them to completely grasp, especially Lucy.

So we arrive at a very sleepy Frankfurt International and our Customs Official asks us not a single thing. We’re off to retrieve our rental car, but first we must eat! Everyone is famished. After asking for a recommendation, we head to the one place I swore we would not go. You guessed it. The taint (in Douglas Coupland’s words – and I agree). Some of you parents might be familiar with it’s other alias, MacDonald’s. I hate to say it, but it was actually good. Kind of like a greasy hangover breakfast, back when those things were relevant to me.  Welcome to Germany!!!!

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1 Response to Guten Morgen Deutschland!

  1. Cindy & Emily says:

    You go Family! Eat, enjoy, be merry! We look forward to the tour through your eyes…….Now lets make some great memories!

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