Our Farewell Ambassador

As the days to departure whittle away, we have been assigned an individual to usher us out of here who could only be described as the poster child for the term “bird brain”.  Each morning we are roused from sleep by a sound like a rock hitting a window. After some groggy reconnaissance, we discovered that it was a robin tapping on the glass. At first I though it was some cosmic plea reaching across the food chain, begging us not to leave this place. Why else would a bird desperately be tapping on our windows in the early hours of the morning each day, like some crazed messenger? It was only after Chris did a little research that he discovered that robins are very territorial (and stupid) at this time of year. So it turns out that it was not in fact a message of any sort. Our robin was routinely beating up his reflection in various windows around the house. He started in the dining room, and then chose a more ‘aggressive’ reflection in the living room as his nemesis. So we are free to leave after all…

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