We stop into Lucca on the way to Pisa. It is another walled city on the way to the western coast of Italy. You can ride around the top of the rampart and look down upon the city below on rented bicycles. But we don’t have time to do this today as we are en route to Pisa and this is meant to be a quick stop. Lucca is beautiful.

We park along a street outside the city walls and make our way into the walled city through a tunnel. We emerge onto a sleepy street and find ourselves wandering down it, unclear as to where it will lead us. As it turns out, it leads us to a tiny piazza and this is all the excuse we need to stop for a gelato and a glass of sparkling rose.

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3 Responses to Lucca

  1. Mel says:

    I’m loving the blog. Glad to see that it looks as if you’ve finally found some sun. I loved Lucca. Ella loves any photo that has Lucy in it. Enjoy Tuscany.

  2. William Barilla says:

    Hi Stef,
    While I was stationed over there We had a detachment in Pisa supplying the UN in North Africa and Cypress.
    One Christmas we dispatched a DC3 with all kinds of turkeys and other good stuff for the guys down there,but unfortunately they flew into a mountain down there and were all killed. I never did make it there. We also had a detachment in Dechimomano in Sicily where we did all our air fireing.

  3. SkyeC says:

    I LOVE Italy! I spent a grand total of 4 days there last summer (Cinque Terre and Piza) and fell in love and want to go back some day. Looking forward to getting together this fall and sharing stories/pics. The hikes in the Cinque Terre are fantastic if you make it out there. Similar in difficulty to Quarry Rock but a bit longer (e.g. Vernazza to Corniglia). The beach at Monterosso was fun and family friendly as well.

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