Reconsidering My Expectations

The fiasco of Pisa has got me to thinking. I have had an unrealistic expectation about Italy without even realizing it. In my mind’s eye, I have romanticized what this country, and in particular this region, Tuscany, is all about.

There is no question that Tuscany is beautiful. It is all rolling lush hills, blue skies and winding roads. It is civilization tucked into valleys and hillsides and tiny villages around the next bend. But what it isn’t is 100% breathtaking. It’s pretty close, but I would be a liar if I didn’t say that there are towns that are just plain ordinary and some that are even less than that. I think that buried somewhere in my subconscious was disappointment each time I would lay eyes on one of these Tuscan spectacles that didn’t quite fit into my polished image of what Tuscany should be.

So I am adjusting my perspective, rapidly. My neighbour used to say that it takes all kinds to make a neighbourhood and I fully agreed with her. I always felt that it was far more interesting to live in a neighbourhood with colourful, quirky characters, than one that was homogenous. Why should this be any different? And really, if it were 100% glorious I fear that I would be in a theme park and not in an actual country.

So bring on the dust, the smells, the remote little towns that make me question how anyone could live there and everything else that comes rolled into one living, breathing country. We are here to explore after all and at the end of the day, a theme park is not on the agenda. So this is me, inhaling deeply, eyes wide open.

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