Bartering in Coca Cola and Gelato

Our children have become deft in the art of bartering and only deal in the currency of coke and gelato. Want to go to ______ ? Can I have a gelato? Would you like to see _____? Can I have a coke when we get there?

I think they have both consumed more pop since we’ve been here than they have in their entire lives. Maybe this is their umbilical cord to the familiar in an otherwise unfamiliar place? I’m not sure but I am one step away from carrying around a toothbrush in my back pocket. Something has got to give. Rehab maybe. I’ll keep you posted.

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1 Response to Bartering in Coca Cola and Gelato

  1. Mel says:

    Trying again – I thought I’d commented on your Lucca post (I loved Lucca) but I think it disappeared. Sorry your birthday in Pisa was a little disappointing but it sounds like the rest of the trip is going well. We are all loving the blog, me in particular, living vicariously through your adventures whilst still in the midst of school runs and for the most part dreary weather!

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