Spending my Birthday Loot

Well, after careful consideration I have decided to drop a significant sum on a handmade wine opener. Georgie and my sister both gave me birthday loot in euros which was terrific as it allowed me to choose something utterly decadent to spend it on. I found the perfect victim in Scarperia, the knife making town that we took Cooper to early on our quest to find the perfect pocket knife. The picture below is of a knife that is a good example of the finery that can be obtained in this town. And yes, that does say 1306 – 2006!!!

While we were there I spied a wine opener and immediately loved it, but could not quite get over the price tag. After mulling it over for a week or so, we found ourselves winding our way through there again and I decided that this would be a perfect birthday present: far too decadent to do otherwise, but the perfect excuse to spend some birthday money on.

The object of my desire is a black buffalo horn wine opener handmade by one of the old knife making families of the town, Saladini. It has their crest inserted into the body and what appear to be a proprietary lever to remove the cork from the bottle (which was the thing I loved about this particular wine opener).

Now all I need is a bottle of wine to test drive it on….

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1 Response to Spending my Birthday Loot

  1. Liz Moxham says:

    We look forward to sharing a bottle of wine and testing that opener! Looks like you’re having a Fabulous time! Xoxo Liz and Paul

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