Dinner at il Lago

Each Thursday, the Fattoria hosts a dinner for their guests in one of the villas up the road/driveway. As you will recall, we elected to spend a delightful Thursday evening celebrating my birthday last Thursday in Pisa, so this week we opted to join in. We had previously walked up here one evening with the kids and were astonished by the view. It is absolutely utopian. There is a large covered patio that looks down onto the valley below, with a vineyard planted on the slope, a winding road running below it and into a tiny forest.

Dinner is a five course affair and it turns out that this week sees some very large groups. We are in fact a wee table of four compared to the other large groups of guests who are our fellow diners. The meal is wonderful, but by the time we are through course 3 I am at capacity. I blame it on the Tuscan bread and tomato ‘soup’, which is actually an oatmeal consistency, but SO DELICIOUS I couldn’t stop eating it.

By some time after 11Pm we declare Basta and take our leave.

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