Mountain Passes, Booby Chairs and Toilets?

Today we are off to Firenzuola through yet another mountain pass, this one called Giogo. The children are on the precipice of cannibalism if we don’t feed them (again) so we stop off at the top of the pass and delight in our choice of excellent homemade cakes, all with the fruits of the season. We add an espresso to mix and we are in heaven.

Once refreshed, we continue through the pass to the town of Firenzuola to visit the Museo Della Petra Serena to see how stone masons have perfected their craft over the centuries. This too proves to be a very tiny museum and again we are the only patrons in the place. The highlight of the museum is what we think is a ‘booby chair’ for lack of a better description. Both Cooper and Lucy think this is hilarious.

After the museum we wander along the lovely covered sidewalks of the main street and stop in at a bar for a snack, because, after all the children are STARVING. Lucy and Cooper leave to use the bathroom and a few moments later Cooper reappears and through sniggers informs us that the toilet is a thing in the floor and Lucy is trying to figure out how to pee in it. I have been waiting for this! I myself have not seen one of these contraptions and have been keenly interested in finding one. So I join Cooper and we all squeeze into the tiny room and I look at ‘toilet’ in the floor and realize that I am going to have to show Lucy how to use it. We all prevail and then marvel at the thoroughly sound flush. Chris and I cannot understand this thing. It cannot be any less money than a toilet. In fact it looks more expensive. It’s completely awkward to use and arguably takes up more space. It does have a nice flush though….

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1 Response to Mountain Passes, Booby Chairs and Toilets?

  1. Christina Brooks says:

    I hapen to LOVE those toilets…squat and dangle….the ones in Egypt and Africa are actually overlflowing…makes for an interesting bathroom visit (insert gagging here)

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