San Gimignano

We are back on home turf and have a few more places to explore. After Venice we spent a day poolside getting sunburned. We were all kind of in a trance and not really paying attention to the blistering heat and the 6 hours we spent swimming. Bad bad parents.

Up today is San Gimignano and Siena. These cities lie southwest and due south of Florence respectively. Back into Stinky for another adventure. In true form we don’t make it out of our villas until the crack of 11. I don’t know what happens to our mornings – they just seem to evaporate. High noon with a sunburn is a bad time to make an entrance into a walled city that is lean on shade. No matter. We secure gelato and with it the keys to the city: our children will cooperate until the ice cream runs out.

San Gimignano is a city that is called the “Manhattan of Tuscany“. It once boasted over 100 towers and now has the remains of 14. It is exceptionally tidy, provides Chris with the best pastry he has had to date, and also charges for the pleasure of a disgusting bathroom. Below is a shot of a few of the towers that remain.
To be honest, the city underwhelms me. But this dress is another matter.

Onto Siena, the real star of todays show.

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