Carcassonne is a double walled fortified city in southern France. It was a stronghold for the Cathars at one point and had been under siege for a number of years, when the chatelaine, Madam Carcass decided to take the city’s last remaining pig, stuff it with the last of the wheat stores and then throw it over the city walls. It exploded on impact and when the troops on the other side of the walls saw that this pig was eating wheat, they finally retreated. If Carcassonne could afford to feed their pigs wheat, they would never be able to starve them out! And so the seige ended. Or so the story goes. The photo below is on Madame Carcass.

We arrive in the evening and have a wander, then eat dinner in a beautiful terrace restaurant, which turns out to belong to one of the city’s most elegant hotels. Our waiter was a young man who kept making mistake after mistake, to the detriment of the restaurant. I thought it was very funny – he was very sweet – but I am sure that the management must have realized that he needed more training.

We leave after dark, but wait – they have a carousel!!!! We plan to return in the morning.

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