Cruising Main Street a la Keith Richards

Chris has been reading Keith Richards’ new book. In it he describes how at one point in his life, for tax purposed he declares himself a non-resident of England and moves to Cap Ferrat, France. During his time there, various members of the band would come down to visit and they would spend their time on the water cruising to St. Tropez, Cannes, Nice and various other stops along the Riviera. They called this “Main Street”. They eventually recorded an album and aptly named it “Exile on Main Street”.

Today we are going to St. Tropez. We will also travel Main Street and take a ferry. Driving around these parts is not enjoyable and a ride on the water in 100 degree weather is much more appealing. We eat lunch and head out. Like the walk to the carousel before, this one is taking too long. We need to be onboard by 2:30. After a 35 minute walk, we can now see the boat, but are still almost a kilometre away and it is meant to leave in 6 minutes. Chris is saying we aren’t going to make it and I know he is right, but I will be really disappointed if we don’t. Did I mention that it is 100 degrees? Cooper and I start to walk very quickly and then kind of slow jog. We are just rounding the corner and I see a man who appears to be a crew member and I ask if I have time to buy tickets. He is heading to the ferry. He asks how many and I say 4 and he says “where are the other two?” Good question! He is about to say no as they are nowhere in sight, when I catch sight of them and yell. They run, he tells us to forget the tickets and get on board and we make our 2:30 ferry at precisely 2:36. Thank God for tardy schedules! And the breeze! I am so hot I need the ferry ride to cool down.

The journey is one hour. In typical form , we are the only passengers on deck who are clinging to shade. Everyone else has their faces pointed toward the sun. Sometimes I feel like an alien.

We arrive in the port and make our way into the town. We have no agenda in mind at all so we just amble down the shady side of the street until we come to a park and decide that this might be a good place to have a drink and ‘set awhile’. We are in a boules park, which makes the time pass rather easily. The players have these magnetic telescopic wands that they use to collect their balls, so they don’t have to bend down!

We are only here for 2 1/2 hours, so after a while the boules lustre begins to fade for me and I head off. Everyone else stays behind. I never did make it to the main part of the city – I’ve no idea where that even is. Is it the beach or elsewhere? Anyway, it was nice to wander aimlessly around and people watch. I head back to collect my brood and we make our way to the ferry once more, this time determined to make it on time. The heat is unbearable! We cling to our patch of shade once again and are eventually forced downstairs and out of the sun. Even at 6PM it is too much.

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