Carcassonne – day 2

This city definitely plays up it’s medieval heritage. Everywhere you go there are shops loaded with swords and weapons and costumes, to the point that Cooper declared to Chris “This is my kind of town”.

There is a jousting match later in the day, so even though we intended to leave here early, we decide to stay and catch the show. It was a good decision. The show is incredible. In the meantime we need to eat lunch. I have a curiosity called un americaine, which is like a hambuger and french fries under one roof (in this case a baguette). Mark my words – this is the next big thing.

It is now over 100 degrees and we make our way to the show which is held between the two walls of the city. I am PRAYING for shade. Thankfully we are seated under a canopy – otherwise I would have perished.

The show features 5 knights competing in a series of tests for the purse. We are front row. It is awesome! I don’t even mind the heat, but I wonder how the actors can be functioning in these costumes. I also find it curious that they all actually have long hair. It’s like they are larpers and not actors (have you ever seen that movie???). LARPing stands for Live Action Role Playing, in case you didn’t know – and these guys all fit the bill. Anyway, it was HUGELY entertaining as the photos show below. The last photo is a little misleading – it appears as though the rider is sitting still and cutting the apple in half with his sword. He is travelling at full speed – Chris happened to capture it! All the photos below have the riders travelling full tilt! Enjoy!

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