le Duc

We arrive at our next spot, Le Duc. This will be our home for the next 2 weeks. Our SatNav, while excellent for some things has proven to be utterly useless in other regards. For instance, each of our destinations provided us with GPS coordinates, which I thought was fab. However, for whatever reason, they only work if you have a portable GPS, not one built into your car. As in all journeys before, we somehow find this place on our own.
This compound dates to the 13th century. In the centre courtyard (where I am standing to take the picture of our cottage) there is a crest of the original Duke, which has four cathar crosses in it. Very cool.

While we are here, the kids have been working very hard on their dives and have them pretty much sorted out.

Le Duc is located in the department of The Lot and is nestled in the Dordogne river valley basin, home to walnuts, fois gras and truffles. I would say ‘be still my beating heart’ but that might be tempting fate if I indulge a little too much while we are here…

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