Today we are going to see Cahors, the capital city of the Lot. We have blown through our kms that came with our rental – over 7,000. Stinky has served us well.

Among other things to see in Cahors is the 14th century Valentre Bridge, which is the symbol of the town and is a World Heritage Site.

Today it is perhaps best known as the centre of the famous AOC ‘black’ wine known since the Middle Ages and exported via Bordeaux, long before that region had developed its own viticulture industry. Below is a picture of a wine press that looks like something from a Flintstone’s movie set.

Cahors has in interesting history. It was prominent in the Middle Ages and saw considerable conflict during the Hundred Years War and the later Wars of Religion. It was also infamous at that time for having bankers that charged interest on their loans. WHAT????????The church in these times said that using money as an end in itself (usury) was a sin. Because of this Cahors became synonymous with this sin, and was mentioned in Dante’s Inferno (XI.50) alongside Sodom as wicked. Isn’t that a nice legacy?

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