The British Lady plays a trick on us

Today we are heading to a cave outside The Lot. It seems like we’ve been covering the ground around here fairly thoroughly, so we decide to venture a little further afield.

This region of France has numerous caves. I guess the limestone and an ancient sea has created this landscape. The one we are going to today is called Lescaeux and has some cave paintings in it. I read about it before we left on our trip.

We key our destination into the British Lady and head out. Our ideal today is to go the cave, head to Sarlat de Caneda and then possibly Souillac to see if we can catch some jazz (their festival is on). Lately we have been opting for the “short route”, which has seen us travelling down some very narrow roads. Today is no different and we seem to be driving endlessly when we are finally within reach of the caves. I am getting a little suspicious as I have yet to see a single sign pointing us in the direction of this site, which is odd. No matter – the kms dwindle down, the kids are quiet for the moment, so we roll with it. Well, we get to Lesceaux and it is like any of the 1000’s of villages in rural France. A smattering of houses clustered together along a bend in the road. No sign of a cave. We double check our map. We are indeed in Lescaux, just not the right one. By this time we should know better. Duplicate names are practically a given. By the time we reach the real Lescaux we will have driven well over 100 kms out of our way. We can almost hear the British Lady sniggering as we right Stinky and head south.

But that isn’t the end. We FINALLY reach the blessed cave, only to find out that in order to get into it you have to have bought your tickets in the last town you drove through. It doesn’t matter that the there are numerous staff on site – they won’t sell you a ticket for some odd reason.

That still isn’t the end. The ‘paintings’ in the caves are FACSIMILES!!! So after all that we would be looking at fake cave paintings. What?

On to Sarlat…

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