Aaaahhhh, Paris

We are in Paris today for a whirlwind visit. The Tour de France ends here today, so we intend to see some of that if we can. We have also booked a “Paris by Night” tour, which will take us up the Eiffel Tower, for a cruise along the Seine and then on a sightseeing tour around the city.

When we arrive, the Champs D’Elysee is thick with people waiting to watch the finish of the Tour. This means that many of the other streets all along this corridor are deserted. I LOVE this city. I’m so glad we brought the kids here. I was having my doubts yesterday after the Playmobil fiasco, but five minutes in this town and I am in love all over again. Lucy is quick to pick up on the vibe.

Had we decided to try and catch a glimpse of the tour, this might have been our best bet:

As it was, it was relatively easy. Captain Australia and I waited for Cadel Evans to go past, but I didn’t manage to get him in my shots.

Paris for me is pure eye candy. It’s difficult to find things to not photograph.

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