Meyssac and Collanges la Rouge

One last trip to the local towns. Meyssac market is on the books for today. The French markets are a blend of produce, artisanal foods, household products and gift wares. Pretty perfect in my estimation, although Chris cannot abide them for long.

This market is interesting in that here there is a vendor exclusively selling house dresses. I thought these fell by the wayside decades ago, but here they are in all their splendour!

Of course this market has fois gras on offer as everywhere else in The Lot. And produce and buckets of my favourite flower, Lisianthus.

The town of Collanges la Rouge is a little further afield (I was about to say north, but without a map at my elbow, I can’t say that for sure). The town name is roughly ‘the colour red’. It is unique in that the bricks of this town are all a very dark clay colour. Everywhere else that we have driven through in France has boasted homes the colour of a very pale yellow limetsone, sometimes tending toward grey, but that is about the range of the colour palette. This town, with it’s clay coloured houses has the aura of being on the verge of collapse. It looks like it is utterly crumbling. I only have a couple of lousy photos as I snapped them very quickly as we were leaving for Paris, but you’ll get the general idea. Had I had more time, I would have tried to capture it’s essence: to me the town looks like the “I Spy Hallowe’en” book.

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3 Responses to Meyssac and Collanges la Rouge

  1. Mel says:

    Lisianthus are my favourite flowers too! Ella is avidly awaiting Lucy’s return – I’m surprised she hasn’t yet requested to be driven out to the airport to wait in the arrivals hall….

    • babbleheads says:

      Good Morning!

      Funny about the Lisianthus – I’ll have to remember that! I don’t see them all that often out West but I used to buy them all the times at the markets when I was in university.

      I just heard back from 4cats – I sent them animal last week about using the groupon for the girls as we only have the one choice and there wasn’t enough room for both. I had asked if we could extend into September. She just wrote back to say that she will squeeze them both into the class on the 30th. She needs Ella’s DOB – when is it? I just sent January, 2005 and told her I would get the day for her. I am thinking the 24th??????

      And yes, I think the two will need a playmate ASAP – Lucy will probably want to be dropped off at yours on the way home from the airport 🙂

      We arrive tomorrow at 9AM after 10 hours of flying. Should be good – we leave here at 8AM – we’ll be chasing the morning the whole way. I am hoping that it will work out for us and that we will march through the day and then drop into bed exhausted and then just get on with it!

      I’ll have Lucy respond to ella’s email when she wakes up.

      See you soon!!!! Stef xoxo

  2. Mel says:

    Ella’s DOB is 9th Feb. (She was, in fact, due on Jan 24th, so you were almost right!)

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