Playmobil Fun Park!!!!

We decided some time ago that we would bookend the trip with fun places for the kids. As you will recall we began our journey with a stop at LegoLand in Germany. So it was only right to stop at the Playmobil Fun Park in Paris as we wound down the trip. I had done some research before we left and the park looked really fun. It was very different from LegoLand in that there weren’t any rides, but you could scale a full sized castle and various other things and they had loads of stuff to play with. Most of you are aware that we own a serious cache of Playmobil, so this was a no brainer for us.

The drive into Paris was long and we were all road weary by the time we checked into our hotel. But the park was only two stops down the highway so we piled back into the car, instructed the British Lady as to our desires and set off.

I suppose in retrospect the first clue should have been the shopping mall. The second clue should have been the size. No matter – ever optimistic we trotted inside to discover that this particular Playmobil FunPark is really just a big store with a play area attached. Think MacDonalds with one of those play apparati on site and you’re heading in the right direction. It was utter chaos, with open bins of bits of Playmobil. You wander around until you find something you want to play with and then you begin and hope that some other child doesn’t wander up to your doll house and decide that they need the roof for theirs…

I am proud to say that Chris and I managed to last for over an hour.

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