Ciao, Au Revoir and Auf Wiedersehen; 10 things I know

It’s been great. We have loved it all. Here are some helpful travel tips for those of you making the journey in the future…

1. When in Italy, always weigh and price your own produce in a grocery store, so as not to annoy the cashier;
2. Dental floss is a rare commodity, and as a side note, DO NOT bring a Braun Oral B electric toothbrush with you – it will explode;
3. The moon never shone once the entire time we were at il lago, which makes me wonder where it was – no matter. The stars were incredible in it’s place;
4. In Italy really good pizza is really, really cheap; in Europe really good wine is really, really cheap; in France fois gras is really, really expensive;
5. Highway tolls in France are mysterious;
6. Italian markets rarely include food; French markets ALWAYS include food;
7. Coke is more expensive than gelato, and, unbelievably, proseco!!!
8. You will rarely find a gas station – or a toll booth – to take your credit card, so always carry lots of cash;
9. If you were to measure productivity by the number of trucks on the road, Germany would win hands down. Here, it’s almost palpable; in France and Italy, not so much.
10. ALWAYS greet a shop keeper upon entering and exiting. And don’t TOUCH ANYTHING – they really don’t like it;
And finally, as a bonus, perhaps the most pertinent piece of information I can bestow upon you:
11. MC hammer pants are back. You read that right. So take my advice and get yourself a pair.

It’s been great fun. I hope you have enjoyed our journey as much as we have. Caio! xoxo

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3 Responses to Ciao, Au Revoir and Auf Wiedersehen; 10 things I know

  1. Dan Gleadle says:

    LOVED your blog. Almost like being on vacation.


    • babbleheads says:

      Hi Dan!

      Thanks very much – it’s almost a relief for it to be done – it was a bit difficult at times trying to find the time and a decent connection 🙂 Now we have to store up our energy for the big move on Monday

      Have a great long weekend and say hello to Sonja for me! Stef

  2. Liz says:

    Loved reading all about your trip and seeing your photos – finally got a chance to sit and go through the final few weeks today. Looking forward to talking to you soon.


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